Gan and Jackson met in the seventies and were associated together for some time. Gan preached on Jackson’s pulpit. Jackson eventually declared that some of his teachings were true and some were error, and that Gan preached as though he was right in everything and Jackson wrong in some things. He wrote Gan a letter of correction and told him that he cannot come back to Jackson’s church. Gan refused to accept Jackson as the Chief apostle today and eventually denounced him:


Quote Raymond Jackson: Richard Gan, a good man…He has taken a lot of good things to the world, but he preached everything as though he was right, and I just happened to be wrong on some things.

                Revealing error I sent word to Richard Gan, months and months ago, when he wanted to come back to Faith Assembly, that it would not be right for him to come. (The Contender – The Body of Christ part II).

…Therefore, no matter whether it is Richard Gan or anyone else around this world, I have seen the things they have preached and put in print; and none of them present a clear picture. (The Contender - The Body of Christ part 3).


Quote Richard Gan: After Bro. Branham passed away there have been many false teachings going out…

…many around the world who believe that a certain minister in Jeffersonville, Indiana, U.S.A. is God’s chief apostle for today…This teaching that the Bride of Christ has a chief apostle to whom all other apostles and ministers in the 5-Fold Ministry must subject themselves is a heresy.

…For a minister to make himself the NUMBER ONE APOSTLE over the whole world is baloney.

…For one to teach and make a servant of God "the chief apostle", he has been deceived by the Nicolaitane spirit. (From Gan’s website).


                Their separation and disunity continued unto the death of “Chief apostle” Jackson in December 2004.

                We will now give an update on the disunities, contentions, wranglings and fightings amongst other seven thunders apostles, who are supposed to prepare the Bride for the rapture. This further reveals how consecutive their thunders are. It has placed the seven faceless heretics with their false seven thunders at the tower of Babel, where God confounded their languages and have scattered them. This has destroyed their heresy of the unity of the Bride by seven men with the seven thunders.

Some of the top men in the seven men/seven thunders ministry besides Mr. Jackson and Mr. Gan, are: apostle Strommen from Norway, James Allen and Bud Thompson, the Pastors of Jackson’s “Faith Assembly” in Jeffersonville, Indiana, USA, and apostle Amos Segun Omoboriowo of Bible faith Tabernacle, Lagos, Nigeria, who claims vindication of a ball of fire and photographs of the angel of the Lord accompanying his preaching.

Developments before and after the death of “Chief apostle” Jackson revealed differences of doctrines, disunities, separations and fightings for the position of chief apostle. Jackson claimed that office while Gan said that God revealed to him that he would hold the “First prize”, which he interpreted as being a top position in the ministry.

Omoboriowo and his church once followed Gan, but subsequently rejected Gan and his teachings and propagated Mr. Jackson as the chief apostle. Apostle Jackson complemented Omoboriowo on the two books he wrote against Gan and his teachings, and as a result wrote him a letter, giving him the name, “Amos.”

Richard Gan published on his website, in response to a letter, that there is no chief apostle.”

Apostle” Strommen, from Norway, propagated his own teachings, was corrected by Chief apostle Jackson and refused and retaliated against such correction. “Apostle” Omoboriowo proceeded also to correct this apostle, telling him that he should heed the correction of the chief apostle, and that his actions will cause disunity amongst the Bride. He further indicated that there would be a shuffling amongst these apostles, as God would remove and replace them as He sees fit. It did not end there as more trouble continued to brew in the camps of these thunders apostles.

                Approximately one year before the death Of Jackson, apostle Omoboriowo claimed that he got a revelation, while Jackson was preaching, that Jackson was the great person to arise on the scene and increase, spoken of in the seals book by Brother Branham. On November 2003, he preached a message, which he published in a book, entitled: “He that is to come”, stating in no uncertain terms that that ministry, which includes the second coming of Christ, was fulfilled in Jackson. He further stated that there are people following Mr. Jackson’s ministry who were prophesying of his death, for them to take over. He boldly declared that Jackson would never die, but would be alive until the rapture, which he tried to support by several dreams and visions. He said that his revelation was perfect and infallible, and the preaching was vindicated by supernatural pictures of the angel of the Lord and a ball of light. This book fell into the hands of Jackson, which his associate ministers said that he read in part. Up until the time of his death, approximately one year after such preaching, Jackson nor his associate ministers corrected such teachings as error on the Word of God.


Quote “Apostle” Amos Omoboriowo: …it may be the hour now that this great person…only one man…can fulfill this prophecy. It has to be and can only be… the Chief Apostle of the five fold ministry, one ordained to takeover from the star messenger to this age. His name is Raymond Jackson…Brother Branham had to go, before the Chief Apostle, Raymond Jackson, could rise on the scene.

                … if John recognized and introduced Christ in his flesh, to warrant the application of John 3: 30, and Bro. Branham quoted it, in application to the one that is to come after him, then it means… THE APOSTLE OF OUR PROFESSION…Brother Branham introduced… Christ in his apostolic ministry, thereby forerunning Christ in his mystical second coming…. IT IS CHRIST IN THE EPHESIAN MINISTRY…the live ministry of Christ on earth today, the principle office of which is the Chief Apostle… IT IS CHRIST IN HIS APOSTLE!... Brother Branham introduced Christ in his mystical earthly body ministry. Perfect! Yes sir! His name is Raymond Jackson!...”Greater than Solomon is here” today.

                …I am aware there are people wishing Bro. Jackson were dead. I am aware there are those, supposedly following his ministry, who have been prophesying his death, for them to take over. So they wish! Let me tell you now:  The sent one; He that is to come, is here till the rapture. This is one ministry you would have to contend with till the rapture

                …Joshua as successor to Moses’ leadership, but he did not raise up a successor to Joshua? Why did God not do that? It was because God’s mission was accomplished. (He that is to come).


The death of Mr. Jackson, one year later, brought the world crashing down on such heresy, false declaration, dreams and prophecies. The result of this was that the ministers that succeeded Jackson at his home church, wrote apostle Omoboriowo, informing him that they have only now read his book, found many errors in it, and asked that he write a public letter of retraction. This they published publicly on their website, we imagine, to shield such exposure and embarrassment.

Omoboriowo stood in defense of his revelation and stated:

Bro. Jackson…gave an open endorsement of my…book, when he introduced me before the world, on 24th April, 2004…when he reffered to the book, and compared it to the writings of Dr. Luke…and…the writings of the Ante Nicene Fathers. And if Bro. Jackson, as Chief Apostlee, didn’t have problems with the book, why should you, as bride saints? (“He that is to come”: Truth in conflict – my defence.).


In addition, he declared himself as the chief apostle after the days of Mr. Jackson, fulfilling the ministry of John the divine, and it was published on his website that Jackson did not have the complete revelation, and that he is now the standard bearer.

Details of all the above facts were published on Jackson’s home church’s website, Gan’s website and Omoboriowo’s website (www.bftchurch.org) and their books. Such ministries can never prepare the Bride of Christ for the rapture.

Other heretical teachings of Jackson are:

·         “Romans 7 is not speaking against remarriage. It was just a type.”

·         “Paul taught that a believer is free to remarry if their unbelieving mate departs.”

·         “The sons of God spoken of in the book of Job were angels.”

·         “The angels assisted God in the process of creation.”

·         “Noah was not a purebred seed.”

·         “No purebred seed was destroyed in the flood.”

·         “Animals were created spirit beings before put in flesh.”

·         “The adoption spoken of in the Bible is a stranger being adopted into the family of God.”

·         Fornication means the act done for pleasure only.”

·         “The Jews under the altar does not include those from past ages.”

·         “All of the six million who were killed in the world war were not saved.”

·         “The two prophets plague Israel with the first three trumpets.”

·         “The Killing of Moses and Elias is the second woe.”

  • “The Bride is to have her throne, not in Jerusalem with Christ, but out among the Gentile Nations.”

·         “The Adoption places us in the family of God as new born babes.”


One of the thunders has died. The other thunders are disunified and fighting each other. These thunders apostles are dividing the Bride rather than uniting her. May this awaken all who follow such ministries and heresy of seven men/seven thunders, to what they are following and where it is leading them. May the eyes of God’s people be opened by the pure and sincere efforts of E.O.D.H. to bring deliverance to God’s children who are caught up in such erroneous and satanic teachings.

<... The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all might come to repentance.> (II Peter 3: 9).

May they denounce all such false thunders and patiently wait for the real.